7 Reasons why you should visit Mexico City

Mexican cities are all about being overwhelming, fascinating, and wonderful giving you ample reasons why you should visit Mexico city once a life. As no adjective can describe Mexico better, visit the gorgeous city of Mexico and explore the best of what the city has to offer.

Built on the ruins of the ancient Aztec city Tenochtitlan, Mexico has iconic artwork, and colonial architecture, the rich heritage, and cuisine will make you return to the beautiful city again and again.

Listing is done some major reasons why Mexico should be on your bucket list!

These points will give you every reason to visit Mexico, whether planning a solo, a couple, or a family trip, Mexico will never disappoint you!

1. Mexico has the Best cuisine in the world.

Although Asia is known to have the best street foods in the World, Mexican cuisine especially street-side offerings is one to try for sure.

You can spend your whole lifetime exploring the tacos, Discada, Burrito, Chilaquiles, and tamales galore and never stop as there are more than 65 Mexican recipes!

Don’t miss out on the gourmet restaurant scene that includes the most famous ones like Pujol and Padella.

2. Gorgeous Art Works

The city of Mexico is full of art and architecture that will never be enough. If you have a sense of design and art, historic architecture will blow your mind for sure.

Ranch houses like Hacienda-style homes, San Rafael, San Miguel de Chapultepec, Casa Estudio Luis Barragán, Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo, Paseo de la Reforma are must visit.

3. The nightlife has something for everybody.

The nightlife of Mexico is an experience. Any age or orientation, Mexican nightlife as you can drink and dance the night away in clubs like Republica Del Distrito Club, Mama Rumba, La Bipo Pasaguero, Centro Cultural Espana, and Chapultepec to name a few. You also get to learn about the locals there and make new friends!

4. Changes your perspective toward Mexico

If you belong to the United States or any western country, it is possible that your thoughts about Mexico are ruled by dangerous political rhetoric.

Considering the fact that But once you visit, the gorgeous sightseeing, picturesque locations, warm locals and delicious food will make you change your mind for sure.

5. Explore Mexican drinks

A trip to Mexico is incomplete without exploring the drinks. Famous them count Tequila, Mezcal, Raicilla, Palomas, Carajillo, and Michelada are must-try, however, visiting dance clubs and bars can solve the purpose of dancing the night while enjoying the drinks.

You can also try fruit-flavored Agua frescas are lightly sweetened and served with traditional Mexican dishes.

6. Numerous museums to visit

Mexico City stands second when it comes to the best museums in the world. With more than 200 museums and art galleries falling second to London (being first), Mexico boasts of the best cultural activities including the National Museum of Anthropology, the University Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Light, the Chocolate Museum, and the Tattoo Museum, are only a few are amongst many.

7. Diversity is one of a kind experience

The city of Mexico is more diverse than you think. Coming from a long history of art and culture, diversity is something you’ll fall in love with. Not only the city is historically rich in art and culture, but you can also look for hiking ideas in Ajusco and explore underrated attractions, relax and chill in Los Dinamos, and camp in national parks, there are plenty of them.

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