15 Yosemite National Park Facts You Should Know 

1. Yosemite’s First Peoples Called Themselves The Ahwahneechee

2. The Indian War Of 1850-51 Produced The First Expedition Of Non-Native Americans To Visit Yosemite

3. John Muir’s Time In Yosemite Changed Him Forever

4. The U.S. Army Were The Earliest Protectors Of Yosemite National Park

5. Horace Greeley Went West And “Discovered” Yosemite

6. Yosemite Is Our Nation’s Third National Park, But It Shaped The Idea Of The National Park

7. The Nation’s First “Park Ranger” Served As the “Guardian” Of Yosemite National Park

8. America’s First Female Ranger Came From Yosemite

9. A Controversy At Yosemite Helped Give Birth To Both The National Park Service & Environmental Movement

10. Yosemite Is Famous For Its Giant Sequoia Tree

11. Yosemite Valley Was Formed By Glacier

12. Yosemite’s Diverse Landscape Supports More Than 400 Specie

13. Yosemite Is Home To Some Of The Tallest Waterfalls In North America

14. Theodore Roosevelt’s Camping Trip With John Muir Forever Changed Yosemite

15. Yosemite Is Prominently Featured In A Star Trek Film

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