Yerba Mate: Learn More with These 7 Points

1. What is yerba mate?

The caffeine-rich drink is consumed in varying forms throughout Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, southern Brazil, and Chile is Yerba mate.

2. When to drink yerba mate?

The goddess Yasí proclaimed the plant a symbol of friendship, and today—although many start their day solo with a cup of mate—the drink is typically enjoyed communally.

3. Choosing a mate

The word “mate” actually refers to the drinking vessel, not the herb itself.

4. How to prepare mate

Fill the gourd a little, Cover the gourd with your hand and give it a shake, Tilt the gourd slightly, Insert the bombilla and Slowly pour hot water—never boiling!

5. Where to try yerba mate

Mate is normally purchased to be prepared at home, work, or in public. Many grocery stores dedicate an entire aisle to different yerbas, some of which come flavored.

6. Sweet or Bitter?

For many, the natural bitterness of yerba is an acquired taste and children are often taught to drink mate with warm milk or sugar.

7. The history of mate

Mate has a long history of itself but you can understand that goddess was crossing the jungle and hunting by jaguar than a hunter saved them and took them to home and served the last bread so mate was a gift for the hunter family.

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