Why You May Not Want to Fly Southwest Airlines

It takes years to build a reputation, but you can ruin one in seemingly a few minutes, As it's what happened to Southwest Airlines.

During Southwest Airlines, holiday meltdown someone out-of-control event led to a massive failure.

A lack of investment in infrastructure helped create the perfect storm of events.

Before its meltdown, Southwest had tied for second on the American Customer Satisfaction Index in the first place only Alaska Airlines.

That's impressive for a discount carrier with a boarding process that can be different from every other airline.

The airline could lose as customers will have the airline's "winter holiday flight cancellation" on their minds during the Memorial Day weekend holiday.

Surging measures of reputational risk reflect uncertainty and a lack of stakeholder confidence.

Stock Market doesn't matter to passengers during a flight, however a damaged reputation could hurt the airline's bookings.

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