6 Ways to Skip Long And Boring Queues on a Cruise

1. Be Loyal 

Just about every major cruise line offers a loyalty programme to reward its passengers for coming back. 

2. Pay for the Privilege

It's a great way to guarantee you'll avoid lines and beat crowds on your next cruise. 

3. Book a Suite 

If neither purchasing an early-embarkation package nor booking a suite is in your budget, you can always.

4. Wake up Early

As an added bonus, you can also use your wee-hours wakeup call as an excuse to watch the sun rise.  

5. Stagger Your Mealtime

You're also likely to find fewer lines at the water slides and more empty treadmills in the gym at prime dinner times. 

6. Stay Onboard During Port Day

Port days often involve a mad dash to the gangway as soon as the all-clear has been given to passengers.

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