8 Reasons Uruguay Is Perfect For Digital Nomads

Uruguay, well-known neighbors of Argentina and Brazil and confused with nearby Paraguay is definitely a destination worth checking out.

This small country offers a lot, such as weather, cost of living, connectivity, and safety for both tourists and long-term digital nomads.

While not offering a digital nomad visa, most passport holders can stay in Uruguay for up to 3 months.

When choosing where to live, Safety could be the primary concern for Digital Nomads.

And Uruguay has recently been classified as the safest country to live in South America.

Every Digital nomads wants to travel with low costs of living. Hence, Uruguay is ideal for those looking to save money.

Internet connection is the most important factor in this Era and internet connectivity would always be on top of the list of digital nomads.

Uruguay is no exception and boasts internet speeds comparable to that of a Scandinavian country.

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