15 Unusual Things to Do in Vilnius, Lithuania

1. Check out the impressive artwork and views at the Vilnius Cathedral & Bell Tower

2. Take a stroll through the charming Old Town

3. Shop for local goods at Hales Market

4. Stop and smell the roses at Bernardine Garden

5. Learn about the Lithuanian fight for freedom at the KGB Museum

6. Visit the important site of The Hill of Three Crosse

7. Check out St. Anne’s Church, the most famous church in Vilniu

8. Check out the royal digs inside the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

9. Take in the stunning Lithuanian countryside on a Hot Air Balloon Flight

10. Experience the Trakai Castle, the only castle built on a lake in Eastern Europe

11. Explore the inside of the rich Užutrakis Manor

12. Get panoramic views of Vilnius from Gediminas’ Tower

13. Enjoy the great outdoors at Pavilniai Regional Park

14. Climb to the top of St. John’s Bell Tower

15. Take a look at the ancient texts inside Vilnius University

15 Fun And Cool Things To Do In Vilnius, Lithuania