17 Unusual Things To Do In The Azores, Portugal

1. Visit the bountiful Sete Fontes Forest Park

2. Get lost in the picturesque streets of Velas Village

3. Take a dip in one of the most beautiful natural pools, Simão Dias Natural Pool

4. Have a truly memorable meal at Cella Bar

5. Take one of the most scenic drives on Longitudinal Road (EN3)

6. Learn about the island’s cheese-making history at the Dairy Cooperatives of São Jorge

7. Feast your eyes on the beauty of Poço do Bacalhau Waterfall

8. Hike the beautiful Lagoa do Capitão Traila

9. Spend hours staring at the beauty of Lagoa Funda e Lagoa Rasa

10. Get reflective Poço Ribeira do Ferreiro (Alagoinha)

11. Take a look at the natural design of Rocha dos Bordõe

12. Get impressive views of Lagoa Negra e Lagoa Comprida

13. Refresh yourself in the Santa Cruz das Flores Natural Pool

14. Deeply learn about local history Horta Museum

15. Spend a day taking in the tranquility of Corvo Island

16. Enjoy a day at one of the best beaches on the island

17. Get the best viewpoints of the island and sea

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