15 Unusual Things to Do in Kona, Hawaii

1. Explore the Kailua-Kona town to get your bearings

2. Start the morning at the Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation

3. Go snorkeling with giant manta rays

4. Tour to suit every thrill seeker, Zipline over rugged jungle

5. Pay a visit to the unique Kona Salt Farm

6. Sample fresh fruits at the Kona Farmers Market

7. Head down to beautiful Kealakekua Bay

8. Learn about some fascinating creatures at the Ocean Rider Seahorse farm

9. Spend a day exploring Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historical Park

10. Swim with vibrant sealife at Two Step

11. Check out the Kanaloa Octopus Farm

12. Hop on board a Captain Cook Monument sailing tour

13. Soak in some nature at the Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary

14. Whales have long been a popular draw for tourists in Hawaii.

15. An ice-cold beer (or three) is a wonderful way to do it.

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