13 Unusual Things To Do In Kiruna, Sweden

1. Admire the Gothic beauty of Kiruna Church Is Must Do

2. Go on a Northern Lights tour (Should Not Miss)

3. Enjoy some traditional Swedish architecture at the Konstmuseet i Norr and Town Hall

4. Meet some and have fun with cute pups on a dog sledding tour

5. Admire the beauty of the 17th-century Jukkasjärvi church

6. Enjoy the majestic architecture of the IceHotel

7. Stop by the Lkab:s Visitor Center And Learn About It In A Tour

8. Meet a reindeer face-to-face at the Nutti Sámi Siida

9. Explore the Abisko National Park For Adventure While Traveling

10. Glide through the slopes day and night

11. Go canoeing on the Torne River is must do thing

12. Go hiking on the Midnattssolstigen (Midnight Sun Trail)

13. Jet off through the Arctic Circle on a snowmobile tour

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