15 Unusual Things For Travelers To Do In Luxor, Egypt

1. See the ancient burial grounds at Valley of the King

Visit the main burial grounds for Egyptian Royals’ at the 11th-century Valley of the Kings, located beside the Nile River! 

2. Sail through the Nile River on a felucca tour

Embark on a true Egyptian cruise experience when you book a sailing ride on a felucca tour! 

3. Marvel at the history inside the Luxor Temple

Explore the mystical Luxor Temple, and discover its fascinating origins as a holy space where the greatest Pharaohs.

4. Abou al-Haggag Mosque

Visit one of the world’s longest-running mosques – the Abou al-Haggag Mosque, located on the East Bank of the Nile River. 

5. Hot Air Balloon

Have a pinch-me moment as you hop on a hot air balloon, offering stunning views of the coexistence of Luxor’s modern life and historic landmarks! 

6. Walk the ruins of the grand Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III

Mortuary temples are known as temples where a Pharaoh was buried, and where the living would visit him, and continue to worship him. 

7. Travel through the West Bank on a camel ride

Enjoy a classic cruise through the desserts of Luxor on a traditional camel riding experience! 

8. Plan a day trip to Abydos

Check out one of the oldest sites in Ancient Egypt, Abydos, a historic city that dates back as early as 3,300 BCE, on the West Bank of Upper Egypt. 

9. Visit the Sun God’s temple at the Precinct of Amun-Re

Within the Karnak Temple Complex, there are 4 precincts, and the precinct of Amun-Re is one of the very few that are open. 

10. Dig more into the history of Humanity at Luxor Museum

Visit the culmination of ancient Egyptian art at the Luxor Museum.

11. Wrap yourself up in knowledge at the Mummification Museum

Take a glance at the different types of coffins, analyze what the hieroglyphics on the coffins mean.

12. Wake up early for a day trip to Dendera

Explore the ancient temple and ancient city of Dendera on a day trip from Luxor, located 60 kilometers north of Luxor on the West Bank of the Nile River. 

13. Book a tour to see the Hatshepsut Temple

Be amazed by the sheer beauty and state of the Hatshepsut Temple.

14. Uncover the secrets of Valley of the Queen

Explore and learn more about Valley of the Queens on a tour from Luxor, starting at $51 USD! 

15. Visit the ruins of the Mut Temple

Also located within the Karnak temple complex, the Mut Temple is another temple to check out with an interesting history, and site worth seeing. 

15 Exciting Things To Do In Egypt