11 Travel Jobs If You Want to Work and Travel the World

1. Copywriting and Blog Writing

Copywriting and Blog Writing are usually done on freelance bases hence traveling will not affect your job.

2. Editing, Proofreading, and Fact-Checking

There is no need to present yourself in the office for this kind of work so you can do your work while enjoying the scenery of your destination.

3. Transcription

You can count this job as a freelancing also, you just have to download the clip and type every single word said in the clip and send it to your client.

4. Social Media Manager

Handle the company's social media would not be difficult while having traveling to your destination.

5. Tech Support Agent

Tech support jobs are not great for regular travelers yet, you can earn extra money by doing part time.

6. Stock Photographer

You can take photos of landscapes, exotic locales and diverse faces, sell them to the portal you work for and get extra money while travelling.

7. Translation

If you know more than one language then this job is for you as many companies want freelancer who can translate and get pay for the work.

8. Technical Writing

Technical writing offers the same flexibility as regular blogging but with much higher rates.

9. Web Development

Web development is often a project-based gig, so you may not need to log in at specific hours, and instead deliver the work by a certain deadline.

10. Videography

Everybody now carries a video camera but not everyone can take professional videos and now if you have this skill you can earn extra money.

11. Cruise Ship Worker

It is probably the ideal position if you want your work to take you places. Cruise companies often hire for various positions from food prep to nursing and offer quick promotions.

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