7 Points- Transfer Bonus From Amex to Virgin Atlantic

The partnership between American Express and Virgin Atlantic allowed every traveler to get incredible value in exchange for their points.

The duo of American Express and Virgin Atlantic is back with a new promotion that can help travelers to book these flights at an even better rate.

To get this offer of a 30% Bonus, the American Express members have to transfer their membership points to Virgin Atlantic.

For every 1,000 points you tranfer to Virgin Atlantic, you will get extra 1,300 miles during this promotion.

This is a good news for travelers who travel alot in American Express, as they can use their points to get cheaper flight seat.

Before transferring all the points, make sure you have already planned a trip so that you will not get disappoint in future.

If you want to and have decided to take the advantage of this transfer bonus, make sure you do so before it ends on June 14!

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