13 Traditional Dishes To Look For In Bahamas

1. Guava Duff

It’s basically a type of sweet roulade made with diced guava fruit topped with a rum custard sauce.

2. Johnny Cake / Bread

Johnny cake or bread refers to an early staple food in the Americas traditionally made with cornmeal. 

3. Fire Engine

Fire engine refers to a simple and comforting dish of steamed corned beef served over white rice or grits.  

4. Pigeon Peas and Rice

It exists in many forms throughout the Caribbean and Latin America and forms a major part of the local diet. 

5. Baked Macaroni and Cheese

It’s commonly prepared over the weekends and on holidays, often with pigeon peas and rice and fish or meat dishes. 

6. Chicken Souse

A quick spritz of lime juice is added before serving the soup with some johnny bread or a side of grits. 

7. Rock Lobster

Also known as spiny lobsters or crayfish, rock lobsters are among the most popular types of shellfish in the Bahamas.  

8. Baked Crab

Baked crab refers to a delicious Bahamian dish made with stuffed crab shells. 

9. Bahamian Fish Stew

A breakfast of fish stew may sound odd to westerners, but in the Bahamas, it’s perfectly normal.  

10. Conch Chowder

It’s a popular dish in Bahamian cuisine that’s typically consumed as a starter or as a light main course, often with white rice, grits, or johnny cakes. 

11. Cracked Conch

In Bahamian cuisine, “cracked” simply refers to anything that’s been coated in batter and deep-fried. 

12. Conch Fritter

Conch fritters are another popular conch dish in Bahamian cuisine.  

13. Conch Salad

Conch salad refers to a famous Bahamian dish made with uncooked conch meat. 

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