13 Traditional Dishes To Look For In Argentina

1. Empanada

The name empanada stems from the Spanish word empanar, which means “to bread” or “to wrap something in bread”.  

2. Locro

It’s popular in Argentina and in other countries like Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Paraguay. 

3. Choripán

If you’re a fan of sandwiches, then you’re probably going to enjoy choripán, Argentina’s answer to the hot dog. 

4. Milanesa

The milanesa is one of the most delicious examples of the Italian influence on Argentine cuisine.  

5. Asado

Scroll through this Argentine food guide and it becomes clear that Argentinians are no strangers to delicious food. 

6. Alfajor

It’s especially popular in Uruguay, Peru, and Argentina where it’s considered a national dish. 

7. Humita

Humitas are an ancient Andean food that pre-dates the Hispanic period. 

8. Tamales Salteño

Tamales are a traditional Mesoamerican dish that’s popular in the cuisines of many countries throughout Latin America. 

9. Provoleta

It’s pretty clear that Argentinians love grilled meat. As it turns out, they enjoy grilled cheese as well. 

10. Chimichurri

When you think of Argentinian condiments, chimichurri is the first that comes to mind.  

11. Chipa

Chipa refers to a small cheese-flavored roll popular in the cuisines of Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, and Argentina.  

12. Medialuna

These light and flaky French pastries are a favorite breakfast item on many tables around the world, including Argentina. 

13. Cordero Patagónico al Asador

Traveleaters with a taste for lamb will want to spend time in the provinces of Santa Cruz and Chubut in southern Argentina.  

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