13 Tourist Attractions in Athen, Greece You Should Know 

1. Hellenic Motor Museum

Learn about how cars have revolutionized from the 19th century, all the way to today. 

2. Archaeological Site of Kerameiko

Step foot in one of the few visited archaeological sites in Athens, the archaeological site of Kerameikos. 

3. Athens Concert Hall

Prepare for an evening of entertainment at the Athens Concert Hall, located in the heart of Athens. 

4. Philopappos Hill

Located an 18-minute walk from the Plaka neighborhood is Philopappos Hill.

5. Benaki Museum

Get into Greek culture through the art inside the Benaki Museum, from paintings to sculptures, and more. 

6. Diomidous Botanical Garden

Bring a picnic or purchase your lunch from the nearby restaurant or cafe for the ideal day out plan! 

7. Plaka

Visit one of the most picturesque districts in Athens located right at the base of the Acropolis called Plaka. 

8. Museum of Illusion

Look twice at everything inside the Museum of Illusions, a fun and interactive museum where not everything is what it seems.

9. Syntagma Square

Visit the buzzing Syntagma Square, smack dab in the middle of Athens, known as the most popular squares of Athens.

10. Pedion tou Areo

Walk off the gyros and delicious baklava on a walk through Athen’s largest park, Pedion tou Areos.

11. Temple of Olympian Zeus

Nearby the Temple of Zeus is another historical sight to see called Hadrian’s Arch. 

12. Cycladic Art Museum

The museum is an easy metro ride away from the Acropolis, and guided tours are available! 

13. Athens National Garden

Enjoy the fresh beauty of the flowers and gardens at the Athens National Garden – a 24-hectare park in the center of Athens. 

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