15 Tourist Attraction For Visitors To Explore In Florida

1. Ochopee Post Office

The smallest post office in the United States is no bigger than a broom closet.

2. U.S. Route 1 Mile 0 Sign

Inside, visitors can buy cups and other souvenirs featuring the mile marker sign. 

3. Randall Knife Museum

Home to a giant switchblade and one of the world's largest collections of pocket knives, this museum is a cut above the rest.

4. Hong Kong Willie

Recycled junk and fishing buoys litter the yard and facade of this bait shop cum art project. 

5. Lake Placid Mural

Many of the murals covering this sleepy Florida town hide some sort of intentional error. 

6. Underwater Music Festival

For divers and music lovers, the Florida Keys' Underwater Music Festival provides the best of both worlds. 

7. Hemingway's Last Penny

IN THE GARDENS OF HEMINGWAY’S beautiful home in Key West lies his glistening, cerulean swimming pool. 

8. Coral Cut

This spooky road cut through a mound of ancient coral might be haunted by a witch. 

9. The Conch Republic

WE HEAR THE TERM “THIRD world” tossed around with a much greater frequency than the other “worlds.”  

10. Alligator Reef Lighthouse

This 140-year-old beacon off the Florida Keys marks the wreck of a Navy ship that once roamed the Caribbean hunting pirates.

11. Chihuly Collection

The first custom-designed building to showcase the works of Dale Chihuly is a wonderland of glass and light. 

12. Fantasy of Flight

Possibly the most remarkable feature of the huge airplane collection is that most of the craft are still operational.  

13. Man in the Sea Museum

A graveyard of bathyspheres and diving bells paints a weirdly accurate account of ocean exploration's rickety history. 

14. Fairgrounds St. Pete

WHEN YOU WALK UP TO this newly-opened space, a large neon sign welcomes you to the Mermaid Star Motel. 

15. Robert the Doll

This legendary "evil" doll has been haunting the citizens of Key West for over 100 years. 

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