Top 9 Reason Why Austria Is Best For Living 

1. Quality of life

People work hard but do not value a workaholic lifestyle. 

2. Safety

Austria is a very safe country and that is one of the biggest pros about living there.  

3. Scenery

It is one of the most beautiful and underrated countries in Europe, if not the entire world. 

4. Public transportation

Depending on where you live, the buses will come more or less frequently, but they are almost always on time. 

5. Food

The cuisine is one of the greatest benefits of living in Austria. 

6. Outdoor activities

Austria is a mecca for those who love the outdoors. There isn’t a shortage of things to do. 

7. Culture

Austrians seem to have a joie de vivre that likely stems from the fact that they have a solid work-life balance.  

8. Cost of living

It is hard to compare the cost of living in Austria with the U.S. apples-to-apples, since prices can vary by city and state/province. 

9. Things to do

Whether you are into sports, art, history, or a number of other things, you won’t run out of things to do in Austria. 

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