17 Top-Rated Beaches in Brazil You Must Visit

1. Copacabana

Brazil's most famous beach sits right in the heart of Rio de Janeiro.

2. Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande (Big Island) was once used as a quarantine place for people with leprosy.

3. Ipanema

If the constant go-go-go energy of Copacabana seems a bit much, nearby Ipanema beach is a great place to visit instead.

4. Buzios Resort Town

Armação dos Búzios sits north of Rio de Janeiro and it's a favorite among international celebrities.

5. Jericoacoara

If you're looking for a private corner of paradise, this is where you'll find it in Brazil.

6. Florianopolis

A cosmopolitan, massive island home to 42 beaches, Florianopolis has something for everybody.

7. Praia de Pipa

The quiet northern Praia de Pipa beach has been a local favorite for decades, but most international tourists are still unaware of its existence.

8. Praia do Rosa

Between July and November, southern right whales arrive here and stay near the coast to give birth.

9. Porto de Galinhas

Porto de Galinhas is a laid-back resort town that offers the best of two worlds.

10. Maragogi

The pools, named Galés, are only visible during low tide.

11. Taipus de Fora

Famous for its crystalline tidal pools, Taipus de Fora is one of the best snorkeling and diving destinations in Brazil.

12. Praia do Espelho

Located in the coastal town of Porto Seguro, this hidden treasure gets a lot less crowded than beaches in major towns.

13. Baia do Sancho

Located within a national marine park, this golden beach is home to a lot of wildlife, including protected turtles.

14. Lopes Mendes Beach

Lopes Mendes often makes the top lists of "best beaches in the world" – and for good reason.

15. Praia de Forno

Climbing the rocky promontory on the far left will get you to a smaller, out-of-sight beach, popular with families.

16. Santos Beach

The municipality of Santos is home to a very unique beach, referred to by the locals as a "beach garden."

17. Ilha de Tinhare

Reachable by ferry, the car-free island of Tinhare offers a holiday paradise for those looking to relax and disconnect.

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