13 Top-Rated Attractions & Places to Visit in Amritsar

1. The Golden Temple

The definitive top attraction in Amritsar is the Golden Temple, a two-story structure covered in real gold and surrounded by a 5.1-meter-deep manmade lake. 

2. Wagah Border Ceremony

While just 45-minutes long, the entire ceremony gives you enough memories for hours of storytelling back at home. 

3. Partition Museum

On your way out of the museum, jot down a message on a green leaf and hang it on the Tree of Hope

4. Punjabi Restaurant

Punjabi cuisine has become known around the world for its spicy curries, pillowy breads, and tandoori-fired meats.  

5. Mandir Mata Lal Devi

The Mandir Mata Lal Devi is as bizarre as the Golden Temple is elegant.  

6. Jallianwala Bagh

Tucked behind the Golden Temple, tourists will find another important site in Amritsar: Jallianwala Bagh.  

7. Baba Atal Tower

Often overshadowed by the neighboring Golden Temple, Baba Atal Tower is a worthwhile attraction in Amritsar in its own right. 

8. Ram Bagh Garden

The green space brims with rare plants, flowers, and trees, and features refreshing water features filled with goldfish. 

9. Khalsa College

Architecture buffs, make a point to visit Khalsa College on Grand Trunk Road in Amritsar. 

10. Gobindgarh Fort

More than 250 years old, the Gobindgarh Fort has become one of the most iconic symbols of Punjab.  

11. Shri Durgiana Mandir

Take one look at Shri Durgiana Mandir (Durgiana Temple), and you might think you're seeing double.  

12. Hall Bazaar

Step through Gandhi Gate to get a heavy dose of retail therapy at Hall Bazaar–the go-to place for souvenirs in Amritsar. 

13. Khairuddin Mosque

Built by Muhammad Khairuddin roughly 150 years ago, this mosque is an impressive example of Islamic architecture.  

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