7 Tips: How to Plan a National Park Wedding

1. Choose the Season & Scenery

Part of the magic of weddings in national parks is the sheer beauty of the surrounding area.  

2. Make a List of National Parks that Fit Your Vision

Once you know what you're hoping for, make a list of national parks that would allow your vision to come to life.  

3. Choose Your Favorite Park & Location Within It

After you've made your detailed list, it's time to pick the park and reception venue for your special day.  

4. Apply for a Wedding Permit

So, getting this done is an essential first step when planning a national park wedding. 

5. Send Out Save-the-Date

Now that you have the perfect national park wedding venue chosen, it's time to make sure your friends and family can make it.  

6. Find Vendors That Already Know the Park

First, you will want to get a list of vendors that know the park you've chosen well and are happy to work within the rules.  

7. Plan the Rest of Your Wedding

Finally, you can start planning all the fun details of your big day.  

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