10 Tips For Female Solo Travelers To Visit Panama

1. Is Panama cheap to visit?

Panama is one of the more expensive Central American countries.  

2. When is the best time to visit Panama?

The rainy season in Panama begins in April and lasts until December. Therefore the dry season is from January to March. 

3. Getting around Panama alone 

Use Uber when traveling from the airport and around Panama City.  

4. Where to stay in Panama as a solo female traveler

Casco Viejo is recommended for a Panama City itinerary.  

5. Where to eat and drink alone in Panama?

For lunch or dinner with a view, head to Sabroso Panama and order the fish and plantains.  

6. Watch wildlife on Monkey Island

You are initially in a boat on the Panama Canal, then head to Lake Gatún for the monkey watching.  

7. Take a day trip to the beaches 

While going to the beach solo is not my thing, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go! 

8. Enjoy one of the many rooftop

On my solo trip to Panama, I learned how much Panamanians love to party!  

9. Why Panama is worth visiting as a solo traveler?

If you are a city girl like me, I think Panama City is worth the visit. I loved the big city vibe. 

10. Final advice on traveling solo in Panama

There is a grittiness yet modern feel to the city. Until then, plan a trip to Panama to see it for yourself. 

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