7 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Phuket

1. Phuket Affordability

The currency in Thailand is the Thai Baht or THB. The current exchange rate is ฿‎1 THB = $0.03 USD, and $1 USD = ฿‎34.52 THB.

2. Culture And Etiquette In Phuket

Thailand’s culture and traditions are much different than those found in the West. Make time to read up on appropriate etiquette before taking off for your vacation.

3. Top Attractions in Phuket

Big Buddha, Green Elephant Sanctuary Park, and Naka Weekend Market kind of many places to visit in Phuket.

4. How Safe Is It For Tourists?

You should Beware of thieves, Watch your drink, Know how to call for help, and not forget about travel insurance.

5. Local Eats

Khanom jeen, Gaeng poo, Moo hong, Mee Hokkien Noodles, and many more are the local food you should try.

6. How’s the WiFi?

Using Ookla, an internet speed testing service, the average internet speeds in Phuket for March 2023 were 61.47mbps download and 14.92mbps upload.

7. How Long Can I Stay?

U.S. Citizens do not need a visa to enter Thailand if they have six months of validity on their passport and can show proof of an onward journey.

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