15 Unusual Things To Do In Zanzibar, Tanzania 

1. Embrace the flavors on a spice tour, you will get shock by the result

2. Visit the House of Wonder and appreciate the beauty of the house

3. Embark on a Dhow cruise and have some adventure like a survivor

4. Head out on a horse ride (you should not miss it)

5. Explore the underrated delights of Pemba Island

6. Frolic on Matemwe Beach (Everyone love beaches)

7. Shop in Stone Town (such a unique experience)

8. Visit the buildings (and tortoises) of Prison Island, this is only the beginning

9. See capoeira on the beach, it will amaze you

10. Enjoy some watersports at Nungwi Beach, everyone loves watersports

11. Dine in style at The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar, one of the most beautiful place to eat

12. Snorkel at Mnemba Island, there are many adventures including this

13. Go dolphin watching, feed them as well

14. Learn about a local crop at Mwani Zanzibar (Seaweed Center)

15. Explore the Jozani Forest, get amaze by different type of animals 

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