7 Things To Do In Obidos, Village Of Portugal

1. Walking Tour

Obidos is one of the most beautiful Villages in Portugal and you should explore with a walking tour.

2. Shopping

The village has some popular shops in the area named as Rua Direita, you must visit to shop.

3. Explore Streets

Obidos is one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal and the reason you will get to know it once you explore the streets of this village.

4. Castle of the Village

Portugal is home to beautiful castles and Obidos has one too hence you must climb the castle wall to see the beautiful sunset.

5. The Churches of Obidos

This small village has 14 beautiful churches where you will get to know many stories about this small village.

6. Aqueduct of Obidos

One of the most eye-catching features of the town is the huge aqueduct that lies on the edge of Obidos. 

7. Municipal Museum Obidos

History makes a place more valuable and Obidos has a municipal museum where you will learn more about the Obidos.

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