7 Things To Do In Ngapali Beach, Myanmar

1. Bike Tour

The Best thing to experience is have bike tour and explore one of the most beautiful beaches in Myanmar.

2. Meet The Locals

The best way to explore this beach is to communicate with Lovely locals and learn more about the place. 

3. Boat Tour

If we are talking about the beach then how can forget about boat tour? The best time for boat tour is in the morning.

4. Sunset

This beach has the most beautiful sunset and you should not miss the best experience while exploring Ngapali Beach in Myanmar.

5. Food Tour

Taste delicious Seafood and have a fish meal for your lunch in a food tour while exploring Ngapali Beach.

6. Have a free day and Relax 

In the front of shore of ocean and the most beautiful beach in Myanmar, what could be the best place to relax?

7. Famous Palm Tree

There is one more thing that makes Ngapali beach most beautiful and famous, Palm Tree. You Must Explore and take snap with it.

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