7 Things To Do In Butrint National Park, Albania

1. The Triconch Palace

There are many of the remains in Butrint are beautiful Roman Townhouse and Villas spread across the archeological sites to explore and The Triconch Palace is one of them.

2. The Lion Gate

This monument takes its name from the image above the entrance, depicting a lion biting the head of a bull. 

3. Museum of the Ancient City 

This is the perfect place to soak up all the century-old stories of Butrint.  

4. The Marshes and Vivari Channel

The site blends perfectly together with the beautiful nature of the park, the reason for its proper preservation.  

5. Entrance Fee & Opening Time

The price to enter Butrint National Park for foreigners is 1000 LEK (10.90 USD). 

6. History of Butrint

Butrint served as an important port and trading center on the Adriatic Sea throughout all the ages. 

7. The Monument

You’ll find 2400-year-old defensive walls and a chapel dedicated to Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine. 

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