10 Best Things to Do In And Near Banff

1. Cave and Basin National Historic Site

Cave and Basin National Historic Site is actually the home of a collection of hot springs that used to be considered healing waters. 

2. Watch the Sunset on the Hoodoo  

Geology always fascinates us and the Canadian Rockies are full of fascinating spots. 

3. Hike the Tunnel Mountain Trail for the View 

The Tunnel Mountain trail is a great hiking spot just minutes from downtown. 

4. Sunrise Wildlife Watching at Vermillion Lake   

A highlight in Banff National Park, the Vermillion Lakes are a gorgeous collection of small lakes full of wildlife and reflections.  

5. Strolling and Birdwatching at Cascade Pond 

There are lots of overlooked sights in Banff National Park, and the Cascade Ponds is one of them.  

6. See the Bighorn Sheep at Lake Minnewanka

The bighorn sheep are really cool and beautiful, and although they may come very close to cars, they’re very much wild.

7. Ride the Banff Gondola to the Top

It’s a great way to get amazing views and then at the top you can enjoy a meal or drinks and explore Sulphur Mountain.  

8. Explore Banff on Foot   

Head towards the river and cross it to get a view of the town and surrounding mountains. It’s gorgeous.

9. Seeing Banff via Bike or EBike   

The town itself is very walkable and bikeable, so that lends itself to sightseeing in a fun, open air style. 

10. Family Rock Climbing in Banff National Park   

We’re tough dudes though and knew that we could make it work together, and it did!  

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