15 The World’s Most Romantic Cities For Couple To Visit

1. Paris, France

Ah Paris, the city of light. The City of Amour. The city of love. It may seem cliché but we don’t care.  

2. Venice, Italy

When the hoards of tourists leave, the city goes quiet, and getting lost in the maze of alleyways and back streets is pure romance. 

3. Hangzhou, China

Located on the very picturesque West Lake, Hangzhou is the honeymoon capital of China.  

4. Udaipur, India

Udaipur is known as one of the most romantic cities in India. Its idyllic setting makes it truly marvelous.  

5. San Francisco, USA

San Francisco is one of the most popular places to visit in the United States and it is certainly one of the most romantic cities.  

6. Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City is North America’s most European city and if you want an old-fashioned romantic getaway this is the place to go.  

7. Cape Town, South Africa

When we first laid eyes on Cape Town we both gasped and said, this is the most beautiful city on earth.  

8. Melbourne, Australia

While many people put Sydney at the top of their list, we fell in love with Melbourne.  

9. Dublin, Ireland

Visit the Oscar Wild Memorial and get lost in the romance of Dublin. 

10. Marrakech, Morocco

Nothing says romance more than an exotic destination. Marrakech was made for romance.  

11. Kyoto, Japan

Japan, how we love you! Staying in a Ryokan is probably one of the most romantic things we have done in our travels. 

12. New York City

It may be huge and it may be chaotic, but we love New York! Take a walk along the Brooklyn Bridge or head over to DUMBO to view the New York Skyline. 

13. Rome, Italy

We could make an entire romantic cities list out of Italy alone. Florence, Pisa, Bologna, Positano they are all worthy of being on any romantic city lists. 

14. Niagara Falls, Canada

It was once the honeymoon capital of the world. And it is still our favourite weekend getaway in Ontario.  

15. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is romantic just be viewing its architecture. The famous works of Gaudi paint the streets of Barcelona with colour and beauty. 

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