Top 10 Regions in Chile: Where to Go & What to See

1. Greater Santiago

You can enjoy the views of the mountains by taking a ride on the cable ride.

2. The Central Coast

Seaside of Valparaíso is near the middle of the Chile hence its called the Central Coast of Chile.

3. El Norte Chico

In the little corner of North Chile, you can enjoy A star-filled night sky in the Elqui Valley.

4. The Far North

Arica, a seaside city has excellent surf breaks with pretty beaches.

5. The Atacama Desert

Cycling could be your way to explore the Atacama Desert as there are path to ride a bicycle.

6. The Lake District

Most of the tourist call this place one of the most beautiful regions of Chile.

7. Chiloé

Chiloé Island is famous for Stilt Houses and it known as fifth largest island of South-America as well.

8. Northern Patagonia

Don't forget to explore Norther Patagonia if you are interested in trekking and love nature as it is untouched wilderness.

9. Southern Patagonia

Southern Patagonia has many lakes and unforgettable adventures.

10. Easter Island

Easter Island is famous for its mysterious air cause of its massive carved figures known as moai.

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