9 Reason Why Iowa In United States Is Best For Living 

1. Job Opportunities

One of the main benefits of living in Iowa is the job market.  

2. Affordable Cost of Living

In fact, the average cost of living in Iowa is 16.3% lower than the national average. 

3. Four Season

The spring is an especially nice time of year, when the trees are blooming and everything seems fresh. 

4. Excellent Education

The literacy rate stands at 99%, and the state’s communities have high SAT and ACT scores. 

5. Safety

This makes Iowa great for families who want to raise their children in a safe and secure environment. 

6. Great Food and Drink

You’ll find everything from classic American diners to authentic Mexican food. 

7. No Traffic Congestion

Unlike many cities in the United States where traffic jams are common, Iowa is relatively free of congested roadways. 

8. Art Scene

The capital city of Des Moines is home to several galleries, museums and theatres. 

9. Great for Retirees

If you’re looking for a place to settle down and retire, Iowa is an excellent option. 

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