11 Pros Of Living In Vermont, United States

1. Lots of Space

Vermont is the perfect fit if you want to leave the crowded city behind for a more rural lifestyle. 

2. Stunning Scenery

Vermont is a beautiful state with breathtaking views, from the Green Mountains and forests to Lake Champlain. 

3. Endless Snow Sports Opportunitie

The locals make the most of it by skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, snowshoeing, and more. 

4. Vermont has 4 season

Winter generally lasts from December to March, but you might see snow in the spring from April to May. 

5. Farmers’ Market Paradise

Self-sustainability is a huge part of life in Vermont, and living off the land has turned into a business for many locals. 

6. Low Crime Rate

No place is crime-free, but it’s a big part of the decision when you’re looking to move somewhere new. 

7. Quality healthcare

Vermont has an excellent healthcare system, ranking 6th for overall healthcare and 4th for affordability and access to healthcare. 

8. Clean Air and Limited Pollution

The air quality in Vermont is among the cleanest in the country, with minimal particle pollution and ozone levels. 

9. Solid Job Market 

Despite being a small state, Vermont has a solid job market in the medical, educational, and tech industries.  

10. Slower Way of Life

There is no big city stress, where everything is crammed, and everything has to be done yesterday. 

11. People Are Friendly

It might seem that people keep to themselves, but that’s because they are so far from their nearest neighbor. 

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