9 Pros Of Living For First Time In Chicago, Illinois

1. Delicious Food Scene

Chicago is a city loaded with delicious restaurants, including a few spots critically acclaimed to serve some of the best food in America.  

2. World-Renown Skyline and Architecture

After The Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The city pioneered a new architectural style by constructing only steel and glass skyscrapers.  

3. Summers are Incredible

After a bitterly cold winter, Chicago returns to life again in June with 22-26°C (72-79°F) weather. 

4. Beach Fun at Lake Michigan

In Chicago, there are several beaches where you can enjoy swimming, sailing, kayaking, surfing, or sipping a cocktail at a beach bar.

5. Easy Public Transportation System

A single-ride ticket, with an allowance of 3 rides within 2 hours of purchase, costs locals $3.00 USD.  

6. Lots of Diversity

Chicago has incredibly diverse neighborhoods to immerse yourself in cultures from all over the world. 

7. Vibrant Sports Passion

The passion is strong; it’s one of the first things you will notice after moving to Chicago. Locals are constantly repping their hometown gear.  

8. Amazing Career Opportunities 

The job market expansion in the city for professionals offers a wide range of work opportunities in various fields. 

9. Award-Winning Airport

Chicago O’Hare International Airport is the country’s 3rd-busiest airport and one of the best connected in the world!  

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