15 Popular Road Trip Games to Play

1. Categories

Pick a category, anything from ice cream flavors, shoe brand, or R&B songs. Every player takes turns naming an item. See who runs out of ideas first.

2. The Humming Song Game

In this game, one of the players will hum the song and whoever will find out the song first will win.

3. Music Battle

To play the game there should be at least three passengers, as two will be a competitor and plays their song, and one will be judge to decide the winner.

4. Alphabet

This game consists in spotting items in chosen categories that start with a letter of the alphabet, in order.

5. Rhyme

One player starts by saying a word, and each passenger takes turns saying words with rhyme.

6. Storyteller

One person will start the story from a sentence, and the other player will continue the story with other sentences.

7. Fortunately or Unfortunately

You have to tell a story for each player to complete a sentence, one sentence will start with 'Fortunetely' and the next sentence should start with 'unfortunetely'.

8. While You Were Sleeping

When one person is sleeping so you can tell them an imaginary story starting with 'while you were sleeping' and can see their reaction.

9. Car Rule

In this game, each person will make a weird rule and everyone will have to follow it.

10. The License Plate Game

You can try to spot a license plate starting with each letter of the alphabet, and the first one to get to Z wins.

11. Name the Artist

You can play a song for 10 seconds then everyone has to name the artist.

12. The Movie Game

One person has to speak an actor's name and everyone has to name the movie of his one by one.

13. Bad Movie Plot

Each person will explain their favorite movie with a bad plot.

14. Celebrity

In this game, each person will play the role of one specific celebrities.

15. Two Truths and a Lie

Everyone will take a turn telling two truths and one lie and other passengers has to guess which one is lie.

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