10 Popular Festivals In El Salvador You Should Know

1. Balls of Fire Festival

Travel north of the capital city San Salvador and you’ll land in Nejapa, a small municipality where the vibrant Balls of Fire Festival takes place.

2. San Miguel Carnival

San Miguel Carnival is understandably held in the city of San Miguel in eastern El Salvador.

3. Fiesta Julias (July Festival)

Fiesta Julias is a medley of street parades, band performances, religious masses, and several fun cultural events.

4. Transcendance Full Moon Festival

This annual festival is a 12-hour revelry of several international DJs and music performers banging out brilliant music with a hearty side of enjoyment that continues into the wee hours of the night.

5. Holy Week

Also known as ‘Semana Santa’, Holy Week is held in honour of Jesus Christ and is a week-long commemoration of the life and works of Christ.

6. Día de la Raza (Day of the Race)

To recognize the coming together of El Salvador’s indigenous culture and Spanish culture, the country celebrates the Day of the Race festival.

7. Kosmofest [Last event in 2019]

It involves talks and demonstrations from several local and internationally renowned beauty and lifestyle experts.

8. Festival of Flowers and Palms

The first Sunday of May is a floral delight in the small Salvadorian town of Panchimalco, a short distance away from the capital city.

9. Independence Day

September 15th was when El Salvador gained independence from Spain in 1821 and this day is celebrated throughout the country.

10. Fiestas Agostinas (August Festival)

The marching band hollers as early as 4am to call out to the enthu-cutlets to get ready for a day filled with fun things to do.

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