5 Popular Dishes Of Lucknow You Will Love 

1. Kebabs – Because it is Lucknow

Galawati Kebabs are definitely the superstars when it comes to Awadhi cuisine. 

2. Boti – Little Pieces of Heaven

Boti is yet another speciality of Lucknow, you must not give up on, if you are a die-hard non-vegetarian.  

3. Mutton Korma – A True Mughlai Treat

Kebabs and botis are a must have, but so is Mutton Korma, a real jewel from the kitchen of Mughals.  

4. Mughlai Paratha – Deep Fried Perfection 

You can get it at several Mughlai restaurants in the city, including Hotel Charminar in the Lal Bagh area. 

5. Biryani – Taste beyond Compare

You would have had biryani hundreds of times at hundreds of different places, but it is different in Lucknow. 

6. Khasta Sabzi – Breakfast the Lucknawi Way 

Khastas are the traditional breakfast item of Lucknow, and these are too good to give a miss. 

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