11 Mouthwatering Swiss Food You Must Try 

1. Swiss Cheese

Wherever it is that you call home, it’s likely you would have stumbled upon a version of Swiss Cheese.  

2. Berner Platte

From Cheese Fondue to a rustic Swiss dish, Berner Platte is a hearty meal that originated from the nation’s capital. 

3. Älpermagronen Macaroni Pasta

One of the most loved Swiss foods is their Alplermagronen dish, AKA Alpine Macaroni.  

4. Swiss Chocolate

Aside from the famous delicacies that exist wherever you go, no trip to Switzerland will be complete without sampling some local creations.  

5. Polenta

On the other side of the Swiss Alps is the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino.  

6. Rösti

Just like macaroni pasta, another traditional Swiss dish you may have tried already is Rosti.  

7. Landjäger

When translated, landjäger means land hunter due to its popularity among traditional hunters and those traveling the Swiss countryside.  

8. Zopf Bread

Wherever you travel around the country, you will find an enormous selection of diverse types, along with specialties that are distinct to each region. 

9. Raclette

Now that you’ve tried regular local cheese, it’s time to experience a different type of cheese fondue. 

10. Zurcher Geschnetzelte

One of the best traditional Swiss dishes from the stunning city of Zurich is Zürcher Geschnetzeltes, also known as Zurich-style veal. 

11. Birchermüesli

Aside from cheese, Swiss food traditionally served at breakfast is the healthy and tasty Birchermuesli.  

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