9 Most Underrated Must Visit Destinations in Spain

1. A Coruna

A Coruna has been important since ancient times located in northwest Spain’s Galicia province but underrated destination.

2. Zaragoza

Zaragoza, the Largest city in Spain located between Barcelona and Madrid was overlooked by tourists due to its low profile.

3. Burgos

It’s the home of El Cid, a minor nobleman who rose to become a Castilian hero in the 11th century.

4. Gijon

Gijon, the largest city in Asturias, can be found hugging the coastline of the Bay of Biscay.

5. Merida

If you are interested in Roman Ruins and want to explore more about them then you should never miss out to explore Merida city while traveling in Spain.

6. Leon

The city was founded by Romans and is the capital of Leon province which grew to become one of Spain’s major kingdoms.

7. Salamanca

Located 190 km (120 miles) from Madrid, Salamanca is one of Spain’s most important university cities. You can explore and learn more about the western's forth oldest University here.

8. Formentera

Formentera, an island in the Balerics, is about a three-hour ferry ride from mainland Spain and only an half hour from Ibiza.

9. Ronda

Ronda, located in Malaga province, dates back to the Neolithic Age, though the Romans take credit for its more modern founding.

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