13 Most Popular Ultimate Game Of Thrones Studio Tour

1. Behind the Scenes

The Game of Thrones Studio tour invites fans and movie buffs to Linen Mill Studios, the actual filming location of Game of Thrones.

2. The Experience

Take a journey through the entire filming process to see the creator’s vision from the beginning.

3. Day Players As Guides

What we loved most was being told stories of the experience by actual day players and regular background performers.

4. Great Hall At Winterfell

Stand in the place where Little Finger was executed by Ayria and where the Starks welcomed many a guest into their home.

5. Hall Of Faces

Our favorite room on the Game of Thrones Studio Tour was the Hall of Faces.

6. Map Room

I have vivid memories of watching Cersei plot her invasions and plan to take over the seven kingdoms in this beautiful room.

7. Crypts of Winterfell

No Game of Thrones tour would be complete without visiting the Crypts of Winterfell.

8. Ruined Throne Room

There is no doubt that the star attraction is the last of the rooms to explore on your tour.

9. Iron Throne

Don’t worry, after visiting the studios, there is one more set piece to access. It is time to sit on the Iron Throne and take your souvenir home with you.

10. Visual Effects Studio

A visit to Linen Mills Studios doesn’t only focus on sets and recreations of pivotal scenes, it also lets you discover the process.

11. Costumes And Make Up

Throughout the tour, mannequins are standing in actual costumes from the series.

12. Interactive Displays

During your visit, you have several chances to try your hand at creating and enjoying interactive entertainment.

13. Armory

I found the armory to be fascinating. We looked at actual props of thousands of spears and swords used by extras.

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