13 Most Popular Diwali Sweet In India

1. Halwa

It is most often eaten in the north and west, and usually involves a mix of ghee, water, sugar, spices and sometimes milk. 

2. Laddoo

Laddoo is another blanket term used for several sphere-shaped sweets, with variations across the country 

3. Barfi/Kaju Katli

Barfi, again, is a word used for several variations of similar sweets.

4. Peda

Soft, pale pedas are a mainstay of Indian mithai (sweet) shops.  

5. Gulab Jamun

Same as every Indian, Gulab Jamun is my most favorite sweet.

6. Jalebi

In North India, it is often served with rabri, a condensed milk-based dessert. 

7. Kalakhand

Kalkhand is a popular type of milk cake, said to have originated either in the northern state of Punjab or in the western state of Rajasthan 

8. Soan Papdi

Soan papdi is a popular gifting option on Diwali in the north—and with good reason! 

9. Roshogolla

In East India, sweets are often called mishti, and of these, the most popular is by far the roshogolla or rasgulla

10. Rasmalai

The end result is a wonderfully soft dumpling that releases rich, flavored milk when you dig into it. 

11. Sandesh

Sandesh has several variations, most of which use chenna. 

12. Mohanthal

This decadent brown sweet is popular in the western states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. 

13. Shrikhand

This ridiculously simple dish is usually made from very few ingredients, and yes, once again, cardamom features on the list. 

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