7 Most Beautiful Regions in Argentina You Must Visit

1. Northwest

More like neighboring Bolivia and Peru in terms of culture, the Northwest region of Argentina is worlds away from the European stylings of Buenos Aires.  

2. Chaco

The Chaco region of the northeast is named after the sprawling Chaco Basin.

3. Cuyo

This is Argentina’s foremost wine-producing area, representing almost 80% of all viticulture in the entire country. 

4. Mesopotamia

In the north, Misiones is engulfed by international borders on all but its southern demarcation. 

5. Pampas

A region of livestock farming and agriculture thanks to its fertile soil, Pampas is the place to go to experience the hardy lifestyle.

6. Patagonia

Split between Argentina and Chile to the west, Patagonia is the enormous southern end of South America. 

7. Tierra del Fuego

‘The Land of Fire,’ Tierra del Fuego is the almost inaccessible southernmost region of Argentina. 

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