11 Interesting Tourist Attractions in Florence, Italy

1. Wine tour

You can’t go to Florence and not embark on a journey for your palette on a wine tour! 

2. Piazza della Repubblica

The Piazza della Repubblica is a few blocks away from the Palazzo Strozzi in the historic center of Florence. 

3. Basilica di Santa Maria Novella

To learn all about the fascinating church, check out an audio or video guide, included in your entry ticket.  

4. San Marco Museum

Inside the library, be amazed at some of the Renaissance and medieval books! 

5. Gucci Museum

Gucci Garden (Museum) is hands down one of the most beautiful and modern attractions in Florence to see! 

6. Caffe Gilli – Florence’s oldest cafe

Wake up with a cup of coffee, not just from any coffee shop, but the oldest cafe in Florence called Caffe Gilli! 

7. Galileo Museum

Learn about and see what some of the latest technology looked like during Galileo’s time at the Galileo Museum! 

8. Leonardo da Vinci Museum

Don’t forget to look above your head to see examples of the first paraglide, helicopters, other flying machines, and boat propellers and mowers. 

9. Stibbert Museum

Glance at the different types of armor from all over the world at the Stibbert Museum, housed inside the gorgeous Villa di Montughi. 

10. Fontana del Porcellino

Every city has its special statue that if touched means that you’ll make your way back – and Florence is certainly no exception to that! 

11. Mercato del Porcellino

Today, it’s a great place to stroll through at least once, and buy some leather-made goods.

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