10 Interesting Things To Get Excited About Kiribati 

1. Island Tours 

A must-visit Kiribati island is Kiritimati, with its cerulean waters tempting tourists to have a dip.  

2. Fishing 

The location of Kiribati makes it a perfect spot for some good old fishing. 

3. World War II Sites 

Though composed of scattered islands, Kiribati was not spared from the destruction of World War II.  

4. Phoenix Islands Protected Area 

Kiribati is a small nation but has the world’s largest marine protected area, the Phoenix Islands Protected Area.  

5. Te Umanibong 

Aside from World War II sites, history buffs should not miss visiting Te Umanibong, the country’s prime museum. 

6. Birdwatching 

Kiribati has numerous protected zones for the breeding of various bird species.  

7. Underwater Adventures 

When visiting a Pacific island nation, scuba diving and snorkeling are a must.  

8. Surfing 

The nation is proud of its isolation, making its beaches crowd-free.  

9. Cruising 

If tourists want to get the most out of their Kiribati vacation, they can have cruising journeys. 

10. Cultural Experiences 

In Kiribati, tourists can have enriching moments with the community by joining cultural tours. 

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