15 Interesting Museums In The World You Must Visit

1. Dalí Theatre-Museum In Figuere

The Dali-Theatre Museum also explores his personal history, including his creative passions and joyfully eccentric lifestyle.

2. Uffizi Gallery In Florence

Another one of the best museums in Florence – especially for art lovers!  

3. National Palace Museum In Taipei

As you walk up a seemingly endless series of steps towards the entrance to the National Palace, you may feel like you’ve stepped into the pages of history. 

4. National Gallery of Victoria In Melbourne

It also offers tons of lectures and live events, adding a fresh, active twist to the art world that you can’t always get in traditional spaces. 

5. Gold Museum In Bogotá

This marvelous museum focuses on the historical uses of the substance in art, culture, and ritual. 

6. Vasa Museum In Stockholm

A particularly striking silhouette will guide you towards this Scandinavian treasure: the mast and body of a massive ship! 

7. Museum of Modern Art In New York City

If you really want to dive into the latest artistic movements and makers, MOMA is the place to go! 

8. Picasso Museum In Barcelona

Much like Dali, Pablo Picasso was a true original – and the Picasso Museum certainly reflects that! 

9. Museum of the Second World War In Gdańsk

There are even displays aimed specifically at children, helping them understand some of the facets of this complicated era. 

10. Victoria and Albert Museum In London

If the British Museum is London’s historical hub, the Victoria and Albert Museum is certainly one of its artistic ones! 

11. Egyptian Museum In Turin

Who would have thought that one of the best museums in the world to study Egypt would be in… Italy? 

12. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History In Washington DC

Gawk at geodes, marvel at mammals, and have fun with fossils at one of the most beloved institutions in town! 

13. Reina Sofia Museum In Madrid

The collection is primarily focused on the 20th century, and specializes in pieces by Spanish icons such as Dali and Picasso. 

14. MAAT In Lisbon

With its excellent blend of disciplines and unique concepts, MAAT – which stands for Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design.

15. Soumaya Museum In Mexico City

You’ll have a whole new perspective on the long, storied histories of Mexican and European art! 

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