15 Interesting And Fun Facts About Switzerland 

1. Neutral In Both World War

This is a well-known fact about Switzerland. It’s a neutral country in more than one way.  

2. Humanitarian Tradition

Switzerland is famously neutral, a policy that dates back to the Treaty of Paris in 1815.  

3. A Square Flag

Interestingly, the Swiss flag is one of only two sovereign state flags that are square.  

4. More Banks Than Dentists?

There are even more banks in Switzerland than dentists, which is kind of a funny thing.  

5. The Biggest Nuclear Bunker

Switzerland is well-prepared for any kind of nuclear disaster as it can house all of its population in nuclear bunkers if the need arises. 

6. Luxury Watches

Kudos to Swiss watchmakers, who have made watchmaking into such an art form that people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for it. 

7. Switzerland Is Entirely Landlocked

There’s only one thing that would be missing in this magnificent country: an ocean view.  

8. High Gun Ownership

Even though almost half the population possesses guns for safety, security, and defense, the murder rate is ridiculously low. 

9. Military Service Is Mandatory

Interestingly enough, Switzerland is one of the last few European countries to have mandatory military service still in its regimen. 

10. Strict Pet Ownership Law

Switzerland is an animal loving country. To avoid animal cruelty, Switzerland has stringent pet ownership laws, including the pairing law.  

11. Cheese And Chocolate

Not only does Switzerland produce massive quantities of Swiss chocolate, but it also exports a lot of it abroad, 122,000 tonnes of it in 2018.  

12. Geography And Nature

Switzerland is a landlocked country located in the heart of Europe. 

13. Economy And Innovation

Switzerland is one of the wealthiest countries globally and has a highly developed economy.  

14. Culture And Language

Switzerland is a country of cultural diversity, largely due to its geographical location and political structure. 

15. Education And Research

The country also hosts world-renowned research institutions and is a global leader in scientific research. 

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