15 Interesting And Fun Facts About Egypt

1. Egypt Is Home To The Only Remaining Ancient Wonder In The World

2. No, The Pyramids Were Not Built By Slave

3. Egypt Is Home To 7 UNESCO World Heritage Site

4. Mount Sinai And The 10 Commandment

5. Ancient Egyptians Loved Board Game

6. 95 Percent Of Egyptians Live Along The River Nile

7. There are three deserts in Egypt 

8. King Tut And The Curse Of The Mummy Had Tomb 

9. Alexandria Was Named After Alexander The Great

10. Egypt Borders Two Sea

11. One Of The World’s Largest Dams Is Located In Egypt

12. Cats Were Considered Sacred Animals In Ancient Egypt. 

13. The Twelve Month Calendar Was Invented In Egypt

14. Cleopatra is actually Greek, not Egyptian 

15. Egyptians worshipped hundreds of Gods and Goddesses 

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