Have You Heard About These 15 Amazing Museum?

1. Mole Antonelliana | Turin

With its massive dome and spire towering over the city, Mole Antonelliana is hard to miss. 

2. Pinacoteca de São Paulo | São Paulo

The collection spans more than 200 years, portraying Modernist works and older pieces in equal measure. 

3. National Gallery of Art | Washington DC

Each piece has its own story to tell, so take some time to linger! 

4. CosmoCaixa | Barcelona

Stroll through a flooded forest, explore the wonders of Antarctica, or learn about the cosmos.

5. Borghese Gallery and Museum | Rome

Stroll through a flooded forest, explore the wonders of Antarctica, or learn about the cosmos.

6. Botero Museum | Bogotá

Housed in a stately colonial-style home, the inventory offers a great peek into the man’s life and process, as well as a broader view of the city’s history. 

7. DDR Museum | Berlin

For decades, East Germany was a mystery to the outside world.

8. Imperial Museum | Petrópolis

Fittingly located in a former palace, the Imperial Museum explores some of the stories of Brazil’s royal past. 

9. Topography of Terror | Berlin

Much like House of Terror in Hungary (see entry #57), a trip to Topography of Terror is deeply sobering – but also incredibly moving. 

10. Swarovski Kristallwelten | Watten

When you visit Swarovski Kristallwelten, you’ll feel like you’ve wandered into a fantasy kingdom! 

11. National Gallery of Canada | Ottawa

The collection of the National Gallery of Canada offers plenty of fresh perspectives on the art world. 

12. The Israel Museum | Jerusalem

Explore the modern facets of the nation, as well as its illustrious past as the birthplace of multiple religions. 

13. Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts | Moscow

But it also offers some global perspectives, with an amazing collection of pieces from Ancient Egypt and Greece. 

14. Apartheid Museum | Johannesburg

Learn about the policies and practices behind the movement, as well as the way that it impacted local citizens. 

15. Science and Technology Museum | Shanghai

Spread across three massive emporiums, the spectacular Science and Technology Museum is a joyful monument to the wide world of learning.

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