13 Fun Things To For Tourist Do In Central Park

1. Let the little ones cut loose on the playground

2. Absorb the archaic history of the Obelisk (Cleopatra’s Needle)

3. Watch the shelled citizens of Turtle Pond

4. Marvel at the blossoms on Cherry Hill

5. Get adventurous with a scavenger game

6. Keep time the fun way with the Delacorte Clock

7. Rock out to some live music

8. Treat yourself to a picnic at Sheep Meadow

9. Zip through the park with some e-scooter tour

10. Explore The Mall and Literary Walk

11. Indulge your inner jock at the sports field

12. Take some ice skates for a spin at Wollman Rink

13. Take in the scenery on a bike tour

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