13 Fun Things To Do In La Fortuna, Costa Rica

1. Try a little bit of everything at La Fortuna Pub

2. See the other side of nature on a rainforest night walk

3. Fly through the air with some zip lining

4. Try an adventurer’s sampler platter on a canyoning trip

5. Find fun for all ages at Kalambu Hot spring

6. Channel your inner daredevil at El Salto (Rope Swing)

7. See the sights the old-fashioned way while horse riding

8. Up your chef’s game with a cooking class

9. Break some records while bungee jumping

10. Try a real-life lazy river with on a tubing trip

11. Ask for seconds (or thirds) at some of the best restaurant

12. Treat your sweet tooth with a chocolate tour

13. Get out (and off the road) with a quad tour

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