13 Fun Things To Do In Interlaken, Switzerland

1. Bungee jump into the beauty of Stockhorn

2. Let loose and join a fun pub crawl

3. Try to win the jackpot at Casino Interlaken

4. Feel the fairytale effects of Lake Thun

5. Stop into the best restaurant

6. Tap into your adventurous spirit at Seilpark Adventure Park

7. Heat up inside a HotTug

8. Walk through the streets adorned with traditional homes at the Ballenberg, Swiss Open-Air Museum

9. Hit the powder in a whole new way while snowkiting

10. Refresh your palate with a beer tasting

11. Feel the rush of the cool air on a helicopter skydiving experience

12. Unwind at The Beach, the open-air pool of Bönigen

13. Visit the hidden St. Beatus Cave and Waterfall

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